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Feb 22, 2013 6:00pm PST
background checks for gun buyers. slogan is protect children, the city is joining in the first ever gun buy back program this weekend. you're looking at live pictures in palo alto. >> a san jose police officer being called a hero tonight after jumping into action off the job, on his way to get a marriage license. he stopped an armed robbery. he noticed a scuffle. a woman was being robbed on the car as they approached. >> we look and we can see a scuffle going on. she told me don't get involved. >> guilty. they said i vit under control. he jumped into action. >> the 17 year veteran held the suspect until bartmxpolice took her into custody. now, the victim was not harmed. if it sounds like out of a movie it could be. his father was in "a leein". >> spending cuts could mean delays and more bears to your camp ground. still coming up a congressman walks in your shoes learning what cuts could mean to the local economy. >> also tonight space-age technology going under grouchbltd a robot looking for laekz keeping neighborhoods safe. >> politics behind academy wards. film critic explains why the fil
Feb 1, 2013 6:00pm PST
for contributions to the country. >> city of oakland unveiled the first locally issued id card and teamed up with sf global. community leaders say they will help people including many undocumented immigrants. >> they're vulnerable because he couldn't open bank accounts so there was a target of crime die have the mexican consulate card but some business owners and some night life facilities are weird aboutmdogh5ñ >> cards allow them to avoid fees charged by check cashing service autos today i had a chance to sit down with rob riener. the man behind "the princess bride". we talked about his role as both a film make skbrer a political activist. including a fight against prop 8. >> one of the reasons we took on prop 8 aside from openus reasons of marriage equality and we should be treated equal under the law and its a bad bad initiative and you know, courts have overturned it. we hope the supreme court will uphold those rulings but it's partly an education process being able to teach, being able to show people that everybody is equal. >> riener is working on a documentary about prop 8. >> fascinating.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2